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Farm Progress: Farrowing Barn Improvements

The shed that we are converting to our farrowing barn has/had several issues that we wanted to address: two of the skylights had blown off, the electrical box and much of the wiring needed replaced and upgraded, many of the … Continue reading

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Farm Progress: Adding Outlets to an Existing Shed

We are converting an existing shed to our winter farrowing house.  This particular shed did have electricity to it and has lights, however, it only has a couple of outlets.   One of the upgrades needed is more outlets.  (During … Continue reading

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Portable Automatic Waterer

Recently we set up an automatic waterer on a pallet so that it could be portable.  We don’t really want to put a lot of permanent infrastructure on this farm as we are just renting it, but we also like … Continue reading

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Small Space Organizing: Entryway

Keeping a small space organized with eight people in the family can be quite a challenge.  One of the most challenging areas to keep under control is where the coats, coveralls, mud boots, shoes, gloves etc are by the back … Continue reading

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DIY Inexpensive Livestock Waterer

One of the most important aspects of a farm or homestead is the livestock water system.   Perhaps it is cost prohibitive for you to install underground water lines and automatic waterers or perhaps you rent and would prefer to not … Continue reading

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