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Back to Basics Living Summit ~ Watch Free 10-16

Each day there are new presentations on a wide variety of topics. Love what you are learning? You can buy a lifetime membership. This is only day 2 and already I have learned a lot! I hope you will join … Continue reading

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Starting Sweet Potato Slips

Not only are sweet potatoes packed with calcium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C; they are also delicious! If you haven’t grown sweet potatoes before, I encourage you to add them to your garden this year. They really aren’t hard … Continue reading

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Ugly, Cracked Sweet Potatoes

We have been harvesting our sweet potatoes a few at a time for the past few weeks. We have had one frost but instead of digging all of them I just covered the plants with old blankets to protect them. … Continue reading

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Our First Winecaps!

We had our first winecap harvest this week! They were right along the edge of the box where some grass had grown. I know it’s not a big harvest, but we are excited!

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Fall Strawberries

With all the rain we have gotten the past two weeks, our everbearing strawberries are really producing again. All through the summer, they’ve produced a few strawberries here and there but now they are loaded with blooms, green strawberries and … Continue reading

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