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Hive Beetles, a Late Swarm and a Cut Out

Our hive has struggled all summer it has seemed. First, they were queenless and we had a laying worker. Eli and I got some brood from a fellow beekeeper and gave it to them so they could raise their own … Continue reading

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Bees, Bees, Beautiful Bees

A few weeks ago a friend split one of his hives and gave us 5 frames of bees. He made sure to give us some comb that included some queen cells. Aren’t they beeeeutiful? Here I am installing them into … Continue reading

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Sustainable Agriculture Resources

Are you interested in sustainable agriculture?  Or maybe alternative ag markets.  Here are some resources that I have found helpful:

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Where In The World Are We?

Life continues to fly by whether we want it to or not. During the past five months, blogging has taken a backseat to so many other projects. I will try to catch you up to speed on some of these … Continue reading

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From Elation to Disappointment: Top Bar Hives

I was so excited to see the progress in one of my top bar hives when I checked them on June 26.  This particular TBH seemed to be doing amazingly well.  It was full of bees, they were making new … Continue reading

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