Bessie’s Pillow ~ Review

Lately our evenings have been occupied by a wonderful book published by Strong Learning, Inc. that I have been reading aloud. This book, Bessie’s Pillow, is the true story of an American immigrant, Boshka “Bessie” Markman who comes to America in 1906.

Bessie's Pillow
Bessie’s Pillow has been an absolutely wonderful book. We have laughed out loud and we have cried. The kids beg for just one more chapter each night when I put the book down. It is really that good!! Continue reading

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Time to Stop Suffering and Start Healing

We know that it’s so important to our health, but we don’t really want to talk about it, right? I mean we don’t want to go there…but we know that our gut health is paramount to our health.

You feel like no one actually knows how much you’re suffering, or how much this is affecting your whole life.

Maybe you’re enduring stomach cramps, skin issues, mental fog, frequent bathroom trips, allergies and food sensitivities, or maybe even symptoms of autoimmune disease (or worse).

What I’m talking about, of course, is your gut health and how it ultimately impacts your overall health and day-to-day life in major ways. Continue reading

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Creating a Masterpiece Monthly Plan ~ Review

The kids have been creating their own masterpieces with the online Monthly Plan from  Creating a Masterpiece. Artist Sharon Hofer, creator of Creating a Masterpiece, desires to make this homeschool art curriculum as a way to offer her classes to more students than just those who can attend her classes in person. She has a “passionate commitment to ensure that most every student, regardless of age or artistic ability, has the opportunity to create beautiful artwork.”

Creating a Masterpiece
Monthly Plan allows access to all the different art lessons; including all the levels and media types. Once logged in you will have the ability to pick a specific project based on the complexity or by the medium. Below is a sample screenshot showing some of the options: Continue reading

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All Around the Home and Homestead #20

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It’s time for our blog party. Remember it is open all week, so stop back by to see what others have linked up.


If you were featured, make sure to grab the “Featured” button below.


This week’s most clicked on blog post was from Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead, it was entitled How to Plant a Homestead Orchard.

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Thank you to those who linked up this past week! I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope you will join us again this week!

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Livestock Watering System: Getting Tire Tanks

Many times my job includes being a go-for. The new water system has ten tire tanks so we needed to find a source of good, reasonably priced tires. Back in December, we found a source of new tires that had been rejected by the manufacturer because of defaults. Those defaults will not effect their ability to serve as water tanks though. The only drawback was that the tires were about 60 miles away. Road trip time!

Whenever possible, I like to turn these sorts of trips into special times for one-on-one time with the kids. It was Eli’s turn to go which worked out well because he’s the only one who would be interested in going to get a trailer load of large tires.

The trip over to get the tires was quite uneventful. Isaiah slept while Eli and I enjoyed the drive. When we got there, I couldn’t believe the number of tires they had available. Small tires, large tires and everything in between. Since we were needing ten tires, the owner had said he would give a quantity discount. Then when we got there not only did we get the discount he gave us two large tires and three small ones for free. This was great but talk about a LOAD! I was really wondering what I had signed up for. I was, however, quite thankful when the guys that loaded the tires said they would strap them all down for me.


Everything went just fine for most of the way home. Then suddenly the truck started pulling down, and when I looked in my mirror it was apparent where the trouble was coming from. At first glance, I actually thought that a tire on the trailer might be on fire. Once I got the truck safely parked on the shoulder, I was able to check and thankfully it was not on fire. We had blown out a tire and the smoke was coming from the good tire rubbing against the wooden bed of the trailer. YIKES!


Our trailer did not come with a spare tire and we haven’t bought one for it yet; so I had to call Scott to come help us. (Which even if I had a spare tire, I honestly don’t think I would have tackled trying to change the tire with such a large, heavy load on the trailer.) Scott was able to get a spare tire that would fit the trailer from his dad and came to our rescue. Once he was there, he quickly changed the tire and then drove the truck and trailer the rest of the way home while I followed in the van. Thankfully, all of this happened only 25 miles from home.

I find that it is important to remember that while life is rarely boring; God is faithful in watching over us.








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