Can Do Cubes ~ Review

Wednesday I shared my review of Jolly Phonics and Grammar, the phonics set that I have been using with Quinton. Today, I get to share my review of the corresponding Can Do Cubes that we have had the opportunity to review along with the Jolly Phonics. For this review, I received a set of these multi-sensory blocks from (parent company is just2ducks  LLC).

This is a physical set that included:

  • 1 Tray of 27 Cubes in Stage 1 which present the simple alphabetic code
  • 1 Tray of 30 Cubes plus 2 cubes connected with a string to represent split digraph sounds in Stage 2 Cubes which present the more complex alphabetic code
  • Stage 1 and 2 Can Do Cubes Handbooks
  • Teacher’s Guide and Template Book on CD
  • Teaching, learning and ‘sounding out’ with Debbie Hepplewhite on DVD
  • Two At-a-glance Word Charts for the Stage One Can Do Cubes
  • Debbie Hepplewhite’s simple and complex alphabetic codes overview for phonics chart

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review
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Jolly Phonics and Grammar ~ Review

Quinton has been excited to start school with his new phonics books from’s parent company is just2ducks LLC. For this review, we received the Jolly Phonics Phonics Student Books 1, 2, and 3 as well as the corresponding Teacher’s Book. We also received Jolly Grammar 1 Pupil Book, Teacher’s Book and the Jolly Song book and CD.

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

Jolly Phonics Student Books 1-3

Jolly Phonics Book 1 is devoted to introducing the 42 most common sounds in the English language. The student learns one way to write each sound and how to recognize each letter. There is a story for each sound introduced to help the student listen for that sound. Also a letter sound action is introduced which helps the student to remember the sound. In the daily word bank, the student also has practice blending words from the sounds they are learning. Continue reading

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Canning Peaches

Our family loves to eat peaches, so each year I try to can as many peaches as possible. This year we were able to get 4 – 25 pound boxes of peaches that were locally grown. Of course, as is the nature of Missouri weather in August, it was hot and humid at the time we were canning.


I had to ask myself while canning, “What wise crazy person would want to tackle canning 100 pounds of peaches when the heat index outside is 113 degrees?” I feel certain that we were approaching the same temperature in the kitchen even with the air conditioner running full tilt. Continue reading

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Family Christian ~ Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to receive a $25 coupon from Family Christian to use on a product(s) of my choice. I have to admit that the hardest part of this review was deciding what to buy with the coupon. Family Christian has so many faith based products that it was hard to choose!

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Enlivenze FlipStir Puzzle ~ Review

Imagine having a puzzle that you can work over and over again without it getting old. Now imagine that this same puzzle doesn’t have any pieces that can get lost. That is exactly what the makers of the the FlipStir Puzzles have created. The kids and I love puzzles and games, so we were excited to be able to review the FlipStir puzzle of the Statue of Liberty from Enlivenze LLC.

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

The directions say to Shake. Stir. Solve. That seems fairly easy, especially when you only have 10 pieces to the puzzle. We learned that just because it sounds easy – doesn’t mean that it is. It takes a bit of patient maneuvering, to get those ten pieces into the correct order to reveal the Statue of Liberty picture.  Continue reading

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