UnLock Geometry ~ Review

One of the challenging things about homeschooling a wide variety of ages is providing each of them with a high quality math curriculum. I have been asked many times about teaching math and science at the high school level. I have always enjoyed both math and science so teaching them has never seemed like a daunting task. The hardest part for me is being able to devote the time necessary to teach 5 different levels of math to my kids. That is one reason that I am so excited about  UnLock Math.

We have had the opportunity for Brock to start UnLock Geometry  as part of our review for  UnLock Math. Two years ago Brock was also  able to review UnLock Pre-Algebra. You can read our review of UnLock Pre-Algebra here. While the day to day teaching is covered with this online course, I can still be available to help when needed. This has been a good fit for us.

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Cherry Picking

Cherries ~ Faithful Homestead

Last week, we were able to go pick cherries. I just love how beautiful and red they are! Oh and did I mention that I love cherry pie too?! Here is a link to a post from a few years ago with the recipe I use for canning cherry pie filling.

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Internship for High School Credit ~ Review

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” Daniel J. Boorstin

Doctor, lawyer, computer programmer, conservation agent, sports trainer, caterer, photographer…there are so many varied career fields. It can be hard for high school students to chose the field that they are most interested in. What if there was a way they could learn more about the day-to-day tasks that are associated with the job field they are interested in? What if they could get hands-on experience that would also qualify as high school credit? How do they go about finding this hands-on experience? Apologia Educational Ministries has a resource geared specifically toward this type of experience, the new book Internship for High School Credit.

Internship for High School Credit
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All Around the Home and Homestead #31

Happy Monday Morning!

All Around the Home and Homestead

Last week was extra busy and I didn’t have time to host the blog party. I’m excited be back this week. I hope you will join me!



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K5 Online Program ~ Review

We have been using the online program from K5 Learning as a supplement for Eli, Rebekah and Quinton. K5 Learning offers lessons in math, reading and spelling. It is not designed to be a complete curriculum but rather a supplement or to fill in gaps. K5 would be a great resource to use both during the school year with your struggling student to give them confidence or to use over the summer to keep them learning.

K5 Learning

K5 has lessons for Kindergarten through 5th grade in Math, Reading and Spelling. Below you will see a screenshot from the student’s homepage. You will see in the lower left corner of the screen shot it looks like two pages.  These are printable worksheets that correspond with the lessons that the student is working on. I like that the program combines an online component with the worksheet component.

homescreen k5

In case you are wondering about the answer to the riddle, “He couldn’t stir.” 🙂

K5 offers a free 14 day trial with no credit card required to sign up. This is a great way for you to see if K5 would be a good fit for your student(s). I actually signed up for the free trial, before we committed to reviewing the program, so I could get a better idea if it would be a good fit for our family. That gave me the opportunity to see that I thought it would be a beneficial program to use with Eli, Rebekah and Quinton.

I found that one of the most helpful parts of K5 is the assessment option. After the kids had completed the assessment, not only could I see where they were but the program also tailors their lessons to their assessment results. This is great from the standpoint that you don’t just pick a grade level to start them and then have it be too easy or too hard. If after they take the assessment, you find the lessons are too easy or too hard you can go in still go ahead and change their level.

One of the other aspects that I like is that K5 seems to be a balanced education program. I have seen some programs that while they are academically sound the kids find them incredibly boring. While other online programs seem to be more for entertainment than for education. K5 blends the academics with engaging lessons.

stop go k5

One thing that I didn’t like is that the kids have trouble knowing when a lesson is actually completed. Throughout the course, they will come to stoplights periodically but if they stop too early their work isn’t recorded, at least not until they actually complete a full lesson. I wish they had yield signs instead of the stoplights so that if they need to take a break they can, but that way they will know they have not yet finished a complete lesson.

Other than the stoplight issue, I really like K5 and feel like it has been a really good program for the kids! The kids also enjoy it and are learning so I call that a win-win.

K5 Learning

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