UnLock Math: Pre-Algebra ~ Review

We have really been blessed with the opportunity to try out several different online math curriculums during our first year on the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  The latest program that we have tried out is from UnLock Math.  For this review, I received a one year subscription to their UnLock Pre-Algebra for one student. 

Unlock Math Review

UnLock Math Pre-Algebra is an interactive, online math course taught by Alesia Blackwood.  It is immediately apparent that she is passionate about teaching math to kids in a delightful, educational way.  Say goodbye to the days of boring math teachers. Mrs Blackwood presents the lessons in an engaging and interactive manner which makes the bite-size bits of math easy to learn.

How Does It Work?

Upon logging in Brock came first to the Dashboard.  It was here that he could see what lessons he had completed and which lesson he needed to work on.   The list of Units are listed with a picture of a rocket beside it to Launch into Math Mode.  Beside the list of Units, there is a gauge to let the student know how he/she is doing on the lessons so far.  When Brock would click on Launch Course Gradebook, he could get a report on how he has done on the different types of activities: Warm Up, Practice Problems, Stay Sharp, Quiz, Test, Midterm, Exam and Overall Grade.

Unlock Math Review
After selecting the Unit to Launch the page opens up to show the Daily Lessons.  Within the Daily Lessons there are videos of Mrs. Blackwood actually teaching the lesson.  These videos vary in length but most are 3-11 minutes long.  Definitely not too long for the student to listen. Next Brock would complete the Practice Problems, followed by Stay Sharp and Challenge Yourself.  There is also a section of Reference Notes that you can print off to refer back to later.

Unlock Math Review

What Did We Think?

UnLock Math is an engaging, interactive math program that is easy to understand.  This program could easily be used as a stand alone homeschool curriculum or as an online tutor for your student who is struggling in math.

As a homeschool curriculum I would recommend the student complete the Units in the order they are presented.  If using as an online tutor you could select the Unit that the student is struggling with in school.

UnLock Math is priced at $49/month or $299 for one student with a 50% sibling discount available.  In addition to Pre-Algebra, UnLock Math also has Algebra available for the same price.

If you are looking for a high-quality, interactive math curriculum for Pre-Algebra or Algebra I would recommend using UnLock Math.

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Unlock Math Review



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Parent Training Center Giveaway For Churches

I am so excited to be a part of this giveaway for churches from the National Center for Biblical Parenting.  Their goal is to equip churches to become Parent Training Centers. What a great way to build up our families, our churches and our communities! Make sure and tell other members of your church to register for this giveaway to increase your church’s chance to win.

A Parent Training Center is a church that intentionally trains parents, providing resources and tools both for discipleship of believers and for evangelism to families in the community.

The National Center for Biblical Parenting offers resources, and practical support to help you become the Parent Training Center God designed. The Equipping Program contains a number of mobilization tools to help you advance to the next level in your parent discipleship ministry.

With this program you’ll interact with experts as well as other pastors and church leaders. Receive personalized guidance for your unique church situations. Use resources that will equip your parents to reach their children’s hearts.

Parent Training Center Giveaway for Churches

To introduce your church to the Parent Training Center concept, we are hosting an awesome giveaway that includes some of our best church and parent training resources, along with a $100 gift certificate to the National Center for Biblical Parenting store. Here’s what your church could win:

Parenting Is Heart Work DVD Church Kit ($199.95 value)

Equip parents to touch the hearts of their kids with this biblically-based, practical training program. Parents and teachers of children 2-18 years will benefit from this life-changing curriculum. The Parenting is Heart Work Church Kit includes:


• Eight 35-minute video sessions

• A Leader’s Guide with reproducible pages for attendees

• A copy of the 256 page book Parenting is Heart Work

The videos were filmed before a live audience of parents and children. Using drama, Bible stories, and lots of illustrations, Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN will energize you and provide you with tools you need to strengthen your family. Use this eight-part video series in your church, small group, or even in your own family. Many times parents have to change the way they parent in order for children to change the way they live.


The Family Toolbox DVD Church Kit ($179.95 value)

he Family Toolbox has 8 lessons for parents, teens, or both in a small group setting. Each one has a 1-2 minute scene of a family living life and experiencing common challenges in their relationships. A discussion guide prompts dialogue among parents and a 10-minute teaching session featuring Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN gives practical tools to use right away.

As the group works through the lessons parents learn:

• How to focus on the heart instead of just behavior

• The cues you give that tell your children when you mean business

• Practical ways to remove conflict from the problems of family life

• How to end correction times with impact

• A tool for maximizing heart change in the correction process

• The value of teaching kids to accept no as an answer

• Ways to reduce anger episodes in children

The Family Toolbox is designed for families with children ten years old and up and is an excellent resource for small groups. Each lesson can be done in 20-30 minutes, but could also lead to discussion and dialogue lasting an hour or more.

Coupon to purchase resources in the NCBP Store ($100 value)

Visit the NCBP store to discover a plethora of church and parent training resources.


To enter, please use the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:

This giveaway is open to residents of the U. S. only.  Void where prohibited by law. Must be at least 18 years of age. This giveaway is in no away associated with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.. No purchase necessary for entry. Odds are determined by the number of entries. Selected winner will have 48 hours to respond to email notification to claim their prize or another winner will be drawn.  Entrants to this giveaway will be added to the email list for the National Center of Biblical Parenting.

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SimplyFun: Expanders ~ Review

The kids and I enjoy playing board games and I especially enjoy when those board games are educational.  When I was given the opportunity to review the game Expanders from SimplyFun I was excited to try it out with the kids.

Simply Fun Review

How Does Expanders Work? 

Expanders is a fun-filled, fast-paced game that requires reverse addition, spatial reasoning and critical thinking.  The goal is to be the first player to place all your chips on the board.  This is done by expanding numbers, finding pairs, filling open spaces and blocking your opponent.  It is recommended for players age 7 and older, however, Rebekah who is not quite 7 has enjoyed playing it also.  Expanders is played with 1-4 players.  Each player chooses a color of Expander Tokens (there are 32 of each; purple, pink, orange and blue.)

To initiate play the first player may only use “Action 1″ which is to place one token on any unoccupied number that is in the first row on your side of the board or is connected horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to any of your tokens already on the board.


Adisyn and Rebekah had fun playing Expanders with some of their friends.


Player two may then use either “Action 1″ or “Action 2.”  Action 2 involves placing two of your tokens on any two unoccupied matching numbers that are either: in the first row on your side of the board or connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally to any of your tokens already on the board.

Player three then has the opportunity to use either “Action 1″, “Action 2″, or “Action 3.”  For Action 3, you place one of your tokens on any unoccupied number that is in your first row or connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally to any of your tokens already on the board.  Saying the number out loud you can then expand the number.  You then find and place tokens on numbers which, when added together, add up to the number you said out loud.  For instance, if I place my first token on the number 8, I would say 8, then 4+1+3.


Game play continues with all players being able to use any of the three Actions until one player is out of tokens.  One game takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.  If you would like to play multiple rounds keep track of the number of tokens each player has after each round of completed play.  The player with the smallest score wins.

Simply Fun Review

What Did We Think of Expanders?

We have really enjoyed playing Expanders.  I like that the kids are practicing their addition skills during a quick-paced game while they are having fun.  It has proved to be a fun game that the older four kids can play together, while the younger two are happy to watch them play.  I would recommend Expanders as a fun “addition” to your math curriculum.

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Simply Fun Review



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County Fair Fun

Recently our county 4-H/FFA Fair took place. The kids were busy all during the week with various activities.  They really had fun, not only competing in different events but also spending time with old friends and making new ones.  Here are some highlights from the week: shooting sports 2015tractor rodeoexhibit check inpigshowcattle showIt was really rewarding to see all their hardwork paying off!  They received several plaques, ribbons and even had items selected to exhibit at the Missouri State Fair, but most of all it was wonderful to see them all having fun!



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Project Passport World History: Ancient Egypt ~ Review

Do you ever wish you could take your children on a trip to a different time and place?  That is exactly what our family got to do recently with Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt from Home School in the Woods.

Home School in the Woods Review

Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt is a hands-on, fun filled, activity based world history study of Ancient Egypt.  For this review, I received a digital download of Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt.  (It is also available on CD.)

Home School in the Woods Review

How Does the Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt work?

Initially, I received a zip file containing all the images, PDFs, MP3s and lapbook assembly instructions.  Also in this zip file is the “start” icon which opens up to a wonderful introduction of what to expect with the Project Passport World History Study.  All the necessary “Travel Tips” are also laid out along with the “Additional Resources” which provide suggestions for extra reading.  There is also a “Travel Planner: Quick Stop Itinerary,” which gives an overview of the 25 Stops (lessons) that you will make over the next 6-12 weeks of traveling.

The instructions for printing off the necessary pages are also clearly laid out.  For example, how many copies are needed, what type of paper it is to be printed on (i.e. cardstock, colored paper, white paper.)  The printing instructions are also broken down by the Stop number. For me it was easier to print a few “Stops” at a time rather than print everything off all at once.

For each stop there are various activities including Laying the Foundation, Mapping, Wish You Were Here…Postcard Greetings from Famous Folks, Snapshot Moments in History (Timeline.)  There are also Audio Tours to correspond to different stops.


How Did We Use It and What Did We Think?

The oldest three have been going through the Stops of Project Passport: Ancient Egypt.  In preparation for our trip, the kids began by readying their suitcases and passports.  The directions said to use a 3-prong folder for the suitcase.  This is such a cute idea!  Next the prepared their passports.  Within the passport they have a place to record their name, country of citizenship, date of issue and their signature.

IMG_1793We then arrived at our first Stop on our journey, the beginning of the world.  Stop #1 begins with God creating the earth and then talks about the Flood and the Tower of Babel  We then begin to learn about the people who settled on the banks of the Nile; the Egyptians.  The kids learned that the Nile river is the lifeblood of the region and how it supplies water and nutrients to the region to allow crops to grow.  They also began to label their map of ancient Egypt.

Stop #2 Introduced them to the unified kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.  They also continued to label their map and were able to start their newspaper “The Kemet Chronicle.”

On Stop #3 we learned about Egyptian clothing and jewelry, how to make mud bricks, what they would eat and continued working on the newspaper.

Although my girls really enjoy completing lapbooks; typically, the boys don’t enjoy them all that much.  However with Project Passport: Ancient Egypt that has not been the case.  All the kids have enjoyed the hands-on projects!  Brock has been intrigued with Egypt for a while so it was especially fun to watch him enjoying this history lesson so much.  We will continue to make our way through Ancient Egyptian history.  Based on our experience, I would recommend Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt as either a full history curriculum or as a fun supplement to another curriculum.

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