Chara Games: Unauthorized ~ Review

By now you probably realize that we enjoy playing games as a family, so you won’t be surprised for me to tell you that we have added a fun new game to our arsenal of games; Unauthorized. This new card game from Chara Games is designed for a group of 6-12 players. Their recommended age is 12+ but I must admit, we had a couple of players who were younger than this (these players were 9 and 10) and they caught on just fine.

This  Instructional Video is extremely helpful in understanding how the game is played. It provides a good deal of clarity to the workings of the game up front so that as you progress through the game you have a better understanding of the process.

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Back to Basics Living Summit ~ Watch Free 10-16

Screenshot 2017-09-11 at 10.46.27 AM

Each day there are new presentations on a wide variety of topics. Love what you are learning? You can buy a lifetime membership. This is only day 2 and already I have learned a lot! I hope you will join me!




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All Around the Home and Homestead 40

With school back in full swing, it seems as though life is plenty busy. However, all that busyness seems so trivial as I think and pray for all those folks who are dealing with wildfires, floods and hurricanes.




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Is There Anything Better Than Candy? ~ Review

Our small country church offers a Trunk or Treat each fall. This year I will have some neat tracts to hand out. These tracts from Let the Little Children Come  are shaped like a six sided flower until you fold them up. When folded up they look like a pumpkin. Inside the pumpkin you can put small candies such as Kisses, bubble gum etc.

Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract

Let the Little Children come seeks to provide effective child evangelism tools and resources. Their goal is to provide these evangelism tools in a way that doesn’t take away from the gospel. Let the Little Children Come is not affiliated with any church or denomination. Continue reading

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Our Trip to the Fair

Recently, we were able to travel down to the Missouri State Fair (MSF) to watch part of the dairy goat show. The goat enthusiasts in our house really enjoyed it. Rebekah decided that she really, really wanted to get a Nubian rather than stick with Alpines like Adisyn. So a few weeks ago, we took her to get her first Nubian doe. She really had fun looking at all the Nubians while at the state fair.


Our trip to the MSF also worked out well  because our pig enthusiast has been wanting to get another Duroc gilt and the Durocs were at the fair at the same time. So, not only did he get to walk through and see many nice Duroc gilts, he was able to purchase one and some friends dropped her off on their way home. Hopefully, he will have a nice litter of pigs in December.

Right before the MSF, Eli added three (2 aged ewes and a ewe lamb) Tunis ewes to his flock. He has been wanting to get some for some time, so he was quite excited to get them! He turned the aged ewes in with his Tunis ram right away, hopefully, his flock will expand this winter.


I love that although we are not wealthy, the kids are able to explore their interests. Having their own livestock to love and care for has taught them many life lessons. Some of those lessons are hard! When an animal gets sick and dies despite treating it and doing our best to care for it, that is hard! But then when there are new babies born with the promise of hope for the future, it is so rewarding.



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