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How Much Did It Cost to Plant all those Fruits and Nuts?

We have gotten our fruit and nut trees planted as well as our berry bushes and plants.  So how much did it cost to get them all? Here is the run down of what we planted, where we got it … Continue reading

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Growing and Freezing Broccoli

This year we planted broccoli seeds in January in hopes of raising lots of broccoli to freeze. We didn’t get along nearly as well with the broccoli plants as we did the tomato plants.  There were a couple of times … Continue reading

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Potatoes and Sawdust

You may remember that when I planted the Yukon Gold and Red Pontiac potatoes it was in a new garden box that I didn’t fill all the way. I had the best intentions of adding more compost to the box … Continue reading

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Raised Strawberry Pyramid Bed Plans

Here are the plans for the strawberry beds that we made.  This spring we made three of these; however, I plan to continue to add more strawberry beds as we can.

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Our Farm: Wine Cap Mushrooms

My friend, Julie over at Missouri Farm Girl, got started with mushrooms about a year ago.  She got me interested in growing mushrooms after hearing her talk about them.  So I started doing a little more research to see if … Continue reading

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