The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls ~ Review

Do you have a beginning reader who is ready to take the step to chapter books? Are you interested in finding a series that is edifying? Then you will want to make sure and check out the The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series from WorthyKids/Ideals.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book One: The Beginning

Peter and his sister, Mary, and his dog, Hank, have just arrived at their Great-Uncle Soloman’s house in Africa to stay for a month. Peter is in for quite the surprise about how exciting his stay at Great-Uncle Soloman’s.

Peter’s uncle shows them some ancient scrolls he found when working as an archeologist. He tells the kids legend of the scrolls, “The Scrolls contain the truth you seek. Break the seal. Unroll the scroll. And you will see the past unfold. Amazing adventures are in store for those who follow the lion’s roar.”  Great-Uncle Soloman goes on to explain that “the legend means that whoever opens the scrolls will travel back in time to the events of the Bible.”

The first night at their uncle’s house, both kids are awakened by what sounds like a lion roaring. The go down the hall to the library where the sound seemed to be coming from. Imagine their surprise when suddenly the room seemed to disappear from around.

The siblings are transported back in time to before the world was created. They have only seven days to figure out what the ancient scroll says so they can go back to their time period. In the meantime, the witness God creating the earth.

Eli and I have been reading this series together. He has really enjoyed the first book and actually asks to read! This is an amazing transformation for him to want to read to me!

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book Two: Race to the Ark

Peter, Mary and Hank go on another adventure back in time. This time, however, everything is not as peaceful and beautiful as their last trip. They are warned about the Dark Ruler who forbids people to talk about God.

They have only seven days to solve the mystery of the scroll or they will be forever stuck back in time. Peter and Mary are certain they don’t want to stay there, not with so many mean people.

The siblings stumble upon an area that has had all the trees cleared. They soon see why the trees have all been cut; there sitting on the top of the hill is a huge ark! Peter and Mary are invited to help put the finishing touches on the ark. God had told Noah nearly a hundred years earlier to build an ark, now the days were drawing closer to when He would wash the earth clean.

Peter and Mary are amazed at how HUGE the ark is in real life. They are even able to watch as the animals come to the ark. However, the Dark Ruler is trying his best to make sure that the ark isn’t finished. Will they be able to complete the task and solve the mystery of the scroll?

Both books are written in an engaging and interesting story-line. These first chapter books are a great way to encourage kids to get excited about the stories of the Bible and reading.

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