All Around the Home and Homestead 43

This past week was very busy with school, the produce auction, and playing with bees but it was also a ton of fun!

Adisyn has been wanting to start a small roadside stand so we finally went to the produce auction so she could buy some mums and other fall items to resell. For the second year in a row, we didn’t raise enough tomatoes for all our needs so I also bought tomatoes. LOTS of tomatoes. I also got a great deal on 4 boxes of bell peppers and 5 boxes of butternut squash. We are still working the tomatoes and peppers up, but we should have enough spaghetti sauce and salsa to last through the winter. HOORAY!


Our big van has broken down and until we can afford to get another one we are squeezed into a borrowed minivan. We almost bought too much at the produce auction; it’s a good thing that not all the kids wanted to go! We might have had to make two trips to get them all home. Ha!

It’s time once again for the Blog Hop, I hope you will join me!




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