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We have had the opportunity to try out another great product from Memoria PressThe Book of Trees is a great introduction to botany through the study of trees. It is written for students in the 6th-8th grades. The set we received to review included Book of Trees Reader, The Book of Trees Student Book and the corresponding Teacher Guide. The Peterson First Guide to Trees and The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-ups are used as additional references but were not included in the set we received. However, we actually have some tree identification books on hand so we utilized those.

The Book of Trees Set

The Book of Trees reader is divided into nine chapters. The final two chapters covering photosynthesis and respiration are considered advanced work. Therefore, the material covered in these two chapters is not included as part of the comprehensive test, however, there are separate tests that cover these two chapters. Below you will see the chapter topics.table of contents tree readerThe student book is divided into 21 Lessons. Lessons 17-21 cover photosynthesis and respiration and are therefore considered advanced work. Each lesson tells what pages in the reader it covers. The lessons are primarily comprised of two pages. The first page has questions about the reading passage. The second page generally covers diagrams and labeling. The Teacher Guide is set up like the Student Guide, with the answers filled in. The last part of the Teacher Guide contains all the necessary quizzes, tests and corresponding answer keys.IMG_5309

What Did We Think?

Adisyn has absolutely loved this program. In fact, she has rated this her favorite science curriculum EVER! It has not been an issue to get her to do her science since she’s had the Book of Trees. Typically, she’s not much of a science gal so this is a big deal. She felt that the reading was interesting. She never complained that it was never long and boring. Instead it was quite the opposite, she kept telling me how much she likes it! Hooray!!

I love that she loved it! The Tree Book is a great introductory botany class! I think that one of the reasons she liked it so well is that it encourages her to go out and spend time investigating what she is learning. Since she loves to garden that has been a fun task for her. I’m thankful we have had the opportunity to review The Book of Trees! I think we may have to check out some of the other science offerings from Memoria Press.
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  1. Tran Luong says:

    Thanks for this honest review!
    I’ll buy this book and read it later!
    Thank you!

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