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Several years ago when I attended my first homeschool conference I was given a free book about Gladys Alyward. Can you believe that one free book developed a love for an entire series, one that keeps growing? Well it certainly did! I used that first book from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series as a family read aloud and soon we were hooked!!

Fast forward a several years and many more books from YWAM Publishing have been added to our library. So when we were given the opportunity to review the book Christian Heroes- Betty Greene, we were very excited.

You see, I have read various books from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now aloud to the kids while the older kids have read several on their own, and every single one of those books has been exciting, touching and inspiring. Because of this, we knew that the story of Betty Greene: Wings to Serve would be good too.

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About the Book Betty Greene: Wings to Serve

As a young girl, Betty, read everything she could about Charles Lindbergh. She even got to see him fly his famous plane, Spirit of St. Louis, and listen to him talk about that first solo flight across the Atlantic ocean when she was 8 years old.

When she turned 16 she finally got to experience flying for the first time and she was HOOKED! She surely didn’t know all the flying that her life would hold at that point. She went on to fly in World War II as a WASP pilot.

She had always had a heart for missions. In fact, in an interview she said that she felt that airplanes could be used to help further the gospel. As the war was winding down, she received a letter from a group of men who, like her, felt that flight could be an important tool in spreading the gospel. These men were wanting to start a group called the Christian Airmen’s Missionary Fellowship (CAMF)

After her military discharge, Betty joined the Christian Airmen’s Missionary Fellowship. The CAMF had eight aims:

  1. To serve as a clearing house of information for airmen looking for ways to use their military training after the war.
  2. To provide missionary bases around the world where aircraft, pilots, and mechanics could be housed at the lowest possible cost.
  3. To help transport missionaries and their supplies to areas that were not accessible on commercial airlines.
  4. To help gather information on terrain and weather patterns in remote areas to make flying safer for missionaries.
  5. To supply traveling maintenance and repair units to serve all missionary aircraft around the world.
  6. To provide aircraft and pilots to help in emergency relief situations.
  7. To publish a newsletter keeping the public up-to-date on the work of CAMF.
  8. To establish CAMF groups in various countries that would help others to see and understand the importance of missionary work around the world.

Like most of the YWAM books, Betty Greene, has a downloadable unit study. These unit studies are a great resource to help your family dig deeper into the life and times of each of the Christian Heroes.

YWAM Publishing

I am so thankful that we have many of the YWAM books on our bookshelves.  I can’t think of very many book series that have that kind of draw for both boys and girls. And I certainly don’t know of any other book series which is as wholesome to read as the YWAM Christian Heroes: Then & Now  and the Heroes of History .

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