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Recently, we have had to opportunity to review Heirloom Audio Productions: In Freedom’s Cause audio drama.  After seeing the trailer on their website I was so excited to review it. We received a In Freedom’s Cause Single Package to review which included:

In Freedom's Cause Audio CD Review
When it arrived in the mail we immediately started listening to it.  Brock wasn’t so sure he wanted to sit and listen to an audio cd for over 2 hours. He was SO SURE that it would be boring.  I started the cd and he was captivated! The first time we just listened to it all the way through without delving into any extra studies. The three older kids were so enthralled with In Freedom’s Cause they requested that I pause it anytime they needed to go to the bathroom or get a drink.

In Freedom’s Cause is a wonderfully produced radio drama of the real story of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce as told in the book In Freedom’s Cause written by G.A. Henty. The cast includes familiar names such as: Joanne Froggatt (Downtown Abbey’s Anna), Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings, Master & Commander), Skandar Keynes (Chronicles of Narnia) Cathy Sara (Woman in Black, Topsy-Turvy) and James Cosmo (Highlander, Braveheart).

The sound effects are phenomenal.  As we listened, we were transported back in time as though we too were along with Ned as he lived and fought for Scotland’s freedom. It would be hard not to be transported back in time with the characters.

As part of our homeschool, we are going through In Freedom’s Cause a second time chapter by chapter using the study guide as a starting place for learning more.  The first section of the study guide is broken down by chapter.  Each chapter features three parts:  Listening Well, Thinking Further and Defining Words.


The Listening Well section contains questions to ask; in order, to gauge how much the child remembers what they’ve heard.  The Thinking Further encourages the listener to dig deeper into what they have heard, (i.e. why did the character make the decisions he/she did, look up on a map where this happened.)  The final section Defining Words has a list of vocabulary words that the student can define.

At the end of the study guide, there is a page that features some of the history of Scotland leading up to the William Wallace story. There is also a Bible study that is broken into three parts that delve deeper into the biblical theme that is woven through out the story.  The three sections of the bible study are: I Will Fear No Evil, Vengeance and Forgiveness and Freedom.

We were also told by Aaron Fullan, Assistant Producer at Heirloom Audio Productions to expect two new releases from them in 2015.  The first audio theater to be released is entitled With Lee in Virginia, a tale of the American Civil War. We are really excited about adding to our Heirloom Audio Productions library!




In Freedom's Cause Review
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  1. That is a very neat opportunity. I’m sure it was good – we’ve purchased audio CDs and cassettes over the years and all three children loved them! They really remember details from them, so it is important that the stories, if portraying real events, are accurate!

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