Apple Pie Filling

One of my favorite things to can is Apple Pie filling.  It is so nice to have a quick and easy dessert on hand.  Each fall I try to stock up on plenty of apple pie filling that I use for pies and cobblers throughout the year.

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This is the recipe I use:

  • 6 quarts sliced apples (approximately)
  • 5 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup Clear Jel®
  • 1 T Cinnamon
  • 10 cups cold water
  • 3/4 cup bottled lemon juice

I mix the sugar, Clear Jel® and cinnamon in large stock pot with a whisk.  Then I add cold water.  Stir well.  Cook on medium high heat until begins to thicken. (continue stirring well!)

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This is just after I have added the water and starting heating the mixture.

You will see the color of the Clear Jel® change as it gets hot and thick.

Mixture has taken on a rich, clear brown color.

Mixture has taken on a rich, clear brown color.

Stir in the lemon juice and boil one more minute.  Then I gently turn the apple slices into the mix and stir.  Once it returns to boiling I remove it from the heat and immediately start filling prepared jars with the thick, sticky, wonderfully sweet apple pie filling.

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Since I prefer to pressure can rather than hot water bath, that is the method I use.*  However I have included the processing times for both methods.

Pressure Canning
Size Time 0-2,000 ft 2,001-4,000 ft 4,001-6,000 ft 6,001-8,000 ft
Quarts 10 minutes 6 psi 7 psi 8 psi 9 psi
Water Bath Canner
Size 0-1,000      ft 1,001-3,000 ft 3,001-6,000 ft Above 6,001 ft
Quarts 25 minutes 30 minutes 35 minutes 40 minutes


*Before canning please read the recommendations for your pressure canner!

I love how canning adds to my “convenience” foods.  The extra time and work up front enables this busy, farm mom the opportunity to put together a meal quickly. Do you have favorite canning recipes that you use for your convenience foods? I would love to hear what they are!



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4 Responses to Apple Pie Filling

  1. WolfSong says:

    When you pressure can the filling, do you find the apples stay crispier? Not crunchy, but less like mush?
    I quit trying to put up apple pie filling(water bathed), because I found that no matter the apple I used, all I had was apple pie mush. 🙁 I would *love* to be able to put it up, if pressure canning makes them more apple-like, less mush like…if that makes any sense. 😉

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