Our First Year with Red Broilers

In the past, we have raised numerous Cornish-X broilers and processed them. Although Cornish-X chickens produce large amounts of meat in a short period of time; they are very prone to leg problems and heart attacks (especially when it is hot, and we have hot and humid here.)

So this year I decided to try Red Broilers that I ordered from Cackle Hatchery.  I had read that unlike the Cornish-X, the Red Broilers are mobile and will aggressively forage for food but they take longer to grow.  This is true on both statements!  These chickens actually act like chickens.  Unlike the Cornish-X, they are not lethargic. The Red Broilers were active foragers. We did not have any leg problems or heart attacks.


Red Broiler chicks in brooder.

Our broilers were plenty big when we processed them.  They were 15 weeks old and weighed between 5 and 8.5 pounds dressed.  For our family the large size works great. I was worried if they would be tough but they aren’t. The Red Broilers have a delicious flavor!


I saved a few of the Red Broiler hens and one rooster to see if they will breed naturally.  Hopefully they will so that we can hatch our own broiler chicks in the future.

photo-12 (2)

The “clean up” crew. They clean up the pig feed that gets spilled when we fill up buckets. At least this way none of it goes to waste.

Have you raised any of the red broilers? If so were you pleased with them?



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