All Around the Home and Homestead Blog Party #24

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! We certainly did. Even if it was cloudy and we didn’t actually see the sunrise at sunrise service, it is always an exciting time to fellowship with our church family.

This week has been extremely busy and productive. We were finally able to get the shrubs planted. Huge celebration there! We have also gotten more garden planted. I just love the warmer weather!

We have also added a milk cow back to the farm so we have fresh milk and cream. YUMMY!

I hope you will join this week’s blog party! Remember it is open all week so be sure to stop back by to see what others have added during the week. Last week we had some great posts!!

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2 Responses to All Around the Home and Homestead Blog Party #24

  1. Kristy Russum says:

    I’m so excited about your mik cow! What kind is she? I rarely drink straight milk, but I go through so much dairy between making ricotta, sour cream, half and half for my tea and plenty of cheese, I almost feel like I could use all a cow could produce just myself! Probably not, though!

    • Jennifer says:

      She is a Jersey. I just ordered the stuff to make our own cheese curds, I can hardly wait!! It is nice to have a fridge overflowing with fresh milk. 🙂

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