17 in 17 Homesteading Goals ~ Update


We are officially over 1/3 of the way through 2017. Can you believe that? I’m happy to say, we have made some progress on our list of 17 goals. I am hopeful that over the upcoming weeks we will be able to check some more things off the list. But this is where we are currently:

  1. Get our feet “wet” with aquaponics
  2.  Start all of our own bedding plants – We purchased a few bedding plants, so we will have to keep working toward this goal next year.
  3. Have a more productive garden than last year
  4. Can and/or freeze 500 quarts of produce
  5. Finish mulching the area between the raised beds with wood chips
  6. Finish the grape arbor
  7. Learn about other varieties of mushrooms and their cultivation and put that knowledge into practice.
  8. Develop more of a market for the products we raise on our farm
  9. Get our bunkhouse up and going
  10. Finish our new apple press and publish the plans for it
  11. Build or buy a chicken plucker
  12. Seed more of the farm down into perennial grasses and legumes
  13. Plant 4800 shrubs for wildlife (oh my!) – DONE!
  14. Get the livestock water lines and tanks installed for the new paddocks – DONE!
  15. Replace the old, leaky windows in our living room – DONE!
  16. Install more insulation to make our home more efficient
  17. Replace the back door which also leaks air

I have found that it is sometimes nice to look back at a list and see how much work has been done. I get so busy with the what has to be done today that sometimes I lose sight of the big picture.



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