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Way back in the day when I was in junior high I had to take a typing class. One with actual typewriters. HA! I wasn’t so sure that a typing class was how I wanted to spend my precious elective class period but I after I finished the class I sure was glad I did. Fast forward to me being a mom of one in junior high and one in high school. Now it is my turn to make them take typing. However instead of using a typewriter, they get to use The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach on our computer.

The Typing Coach
As far as the were concerned, the torture started immediately because the first lesson was all about good posture. You know, that thing mom is always fussing at them about. Thank you, Mr. Kimball for telling them how important good posture is! It really is nice to have them hear it from someone other than me. 😉 In fact, until they have their posture verified they can’t move onto the next lesson. To help the student keep track of their progress there is a downloadable Progress Chart where you can record the date completed for each activity. 

As with my typing class, back in the day, The Typing Coach begins with the home row letters. To encourage mastery learning, the student is instructed to have the monitor turned off, covered or the lid down if they are using a laptop.

The Typing Coach really focuses on mastery. To this end if you have any mistakes on the the lesson in the Practice and Testing Center, you have to wait two days until you try the test again. Instead the student is instructed to practice, practice, practice until it becomes automatic to hit the right keys.

The goal of The Typing Coach is not so much about speed, but accuracy, because with accuracy comes speed.

I really appreciate the subject matter for the four practice tests. The Practice Test topics are as follows:

  • Practice Test 1: Attitude by Charles Swindoll
  • Practice Test 2: Comes from the United States Constitution
  • Practice Test 3: The first five amendments in the Bill of Rights
  • Practice Test 4: The last five amendments in the Bill of Rights

Not only are they practicing typing, they are typing something that is worthwhile.


How Did We Use The Typing Coach?

To get started I printed off the Student Packet version 5. The first task was to get the kids to use good posture while typing. They watched the video provided which illustrated good posture.

Lesson 1: The audio begins by reminding the student to have good posture and to have the keyboard correctly placed in front of them. Mr. Kimball then goes through the home row letters systematically teaching which finger is to type which letter.

Next he instructs the student to open the Student packet, read through the instructions and begin practicing the home row letters that are shown in the packet. Music continues to play on the audio while the student is practicing. Mr. Kimball will periodically remind the student to maintain good posture. After the student has had time to practice with the letters on the student packet, Mr. Kimball will give the student one letter at a time to have the student practice more. There are also 30 second breaks built into the lesson. Each lesson is set up in this manner.

Typing is one of those courses that perhaps isn’t too exciting, but it is so important. The Typing Coach does a nice job of teaching typing in as exciting manner as possible. Most importantly the mastery technique in The Typing Coach encourages the student to really learn how to type.

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