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YWAM Christian Heroes Betty Greene ~ Review

Several years ago when I attended my first homeschool conference I was given a free book about Gladys Alyward. Can you believe that one free book developed a love for an entire series, one that keeps growing? Well it certainly … Continue reading

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17 in 17 Homesteading Goals ~ Update

We are officially over 1/3 of the way through 2017. Can you believe that? I’m happy to say, we have made some progress on our list of 17 goals. I am hopeful that over the upcoming weeks we will be … Continue reading

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Starting Sweet Potato Slips

Not only are sweet potatoes packed with calcium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C; they are also delicious! If you haven’t grown sweet potatoes before, I encourage you to add them to your garden this year. They really aren’t hard … Continue reading

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Livestock Watering System: Getting Tire Tanks

Many times my job includes being a go-for. The new water system has ten tire tanks so we needed to find a source of good, reasonably priced tires. Back in December, we found a source of new tires that had … Continue reading

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DIY Replacing a Hydrant

One of the things we have inherited with this farm is an aging infrastructure. The owner previous to us had discontinued using the pump system that pumped water out of one of the ponds. Instead, he switched all of the … Continue reading

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