Our Farm: Wild Black Raspberries

We have been working to replace a short stretch of exterior fence that was in very poor shape. This particular fence is on the perimeter of our farm and runs along a highway.  It was overgrown with brush, part of it was board fence that had rotted, and the other part was barbwire that was old, rusty and broken. The first order of business was to remove the old fence.  Next we cleared out the fence row so that we could put in the new stretch of fence. While working on clearing out the fence row, we discovered wild black raspberries just down from where we were working.

Wild Raspberries

The berries aren’t very big but they sure are tasty!


The kids went exploring further down the ditch yesterday evening and discovered there is another, larger patch of raspberries. So the girls decided to go pick more while Scott and I were building fence. Their buckets don’t fill up very fast but they have sure been enjoying picking them. Of course, the buckets might fill faster if they didn’t taste so delicious. 😉

I am in hopes that this next week, we can get enough raspberries picked that Adisyn and I can make some pie filling with them.

I am so excited to have wild raspberries on our farm!



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