Farm Progress: Farrowing Barn Improvements

The shed that we are converting to our farrowing barn has/had several issues that we wanted to address:

  • two of the skylights had blown off,
  • the electrical box and much of the wiring needed replaced and upgraded,
  • many of the nails holding the roof metal down on the lean-to have worked up and the roof has leaked for quite some time (evidenced by the rotten nail boards underneath.)

We have steadily been working toward correcting these issues.

This past week Scott and Eli patched the holes in the roof where the skylights had blown off.  Since we are planning to replace this section of roof in the near future, we decided to use metal to repair the holes rather than purchase new skylights.

Faithful Homestead roof repair 1

Scott and Eli working to slide the metal in place to patch the hole.

Eli was so eager to help Scott repair the roof.  I asked if he was scared and he assured me that he was not.

Faithful Homestead roof repair 2

I took this picture after they fixed the first hole, while they were cutting the metal to repair the second hole.

Faithful Homestead roof repair 3

Both holes successfully patched and the silicone caulk applied to all the other smaller holes they found.

It is so nice to not be getting rained on inside the shed now!

The next project was to begin installing new lights.  By using the skid steer as a scaffolding, Scott was able to install the first of two rows of lights.  I drove while he installed the lights (I did have to hop out of the skid steer to take pictures.)

Faithful Homestead Lights

Scott installing the new electrical line and first set of lights.

We also began building the new farrowing boxes in preparation for the sows that are due to start farrowing January 1.

Faithful Homestead farrowing huts

There will be seven farrowing huts on this side of the building.

I feel like the farrowing barn is beginning to take shape.  Now to get it finished in time for those new baby pigs to arrive.




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  1. Karie says:

    Go Eli! [and Scott :)]
    Just in time for our ice and snow too!

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