Blackberry picking is at it’s best here right now.  Just one problem, I have not found very many wild blackberries to pick. After searching and searching I finally found one patch.  Where I grew up in northern Missouri, we had lots of blackberry patches to choose from.  However, that does not seem to be the case here in southwestern Iowa.

This morning I went to the patch very early so that I could pick before my husband left for work.  When I first got there, I couldn’t even see the berries however it didn’t take long until it was light enough to start picking.  The effort was certainly worth it because in the 30 minutes I was able to pick, I got 1 gallon of those luscious berries.  So far we have been able to get 9 quarts. I have been able to freeze 5 quarts while we have eaten most of the rest either fresh or in cobbler. ( I did save out a quart this morning that will probably disappear today. )

There are still several red berries so I should be able to pick again in a few days.

What about you, are you able to pick wild blackberries where you are?  Or do you grow tame berries.  I am seriously thinking we need to add some blackberries and raspberries to our garden.



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