All Around the Home and Homestead #42

I was able to get some turnip seed spread on a couple of the lots this week. I had intended to do it a month ago but it had been so dry I didn’t figure it would grow anyway. It will be interesting to see if they grow enough to be beneficial. I am hopeful that with the moisture we have received lately and the above normal temperatures that they will germinate quickly.




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2 Responses to All Around the Home and Homestead #42

  1. Kristy Russum says:

    Are you using turnips as a cover crop? Will you harvest them or plow them under in the spring? What on earth will you do with all those turnips?


    • Jennifer says:

      They will be used as a cover crop and for the livestock to eat. I don’t really care for turnips so I doubt we eat any. 😉

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