Weave Your Word in Me: Part I ~ Review

Are you looking for a Bible study for your Tween or for a group setting like Christian school or church? Or are you looking for a curriculum that would make a nice family devotional? Recently, the Homeschool Review Crew has had the opportunity to review  Weave Your Word In Me, Part I written by Susan Case Bonner from Kid Niche Christian Books.


Weave Your Word In Me, Part I has 36 Bible lessons that are ideal for children in 4th-6th grades. Part I is written in a child friendly manner to help young people discover the truths contained in the Lord’s Prayer. This is a physical product that consists of 72 full color illustrated pages that come pre-punched for a 3 ring binder. The lessons contain a variety of activities including cartoons, charts, definitions, drama, drawing, fill in the blank, illustrations, matching, multiple choice, sequence, and true & false questions.  

Weave Your Word in Me is compatible with and contains an answer key for the following Bible translations: KJV, ESV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, and NABRE. In addition to the study, there is also an online resource that the author has put together including appropriate videos, puzzles and projects and inspiring music and art to help bring each lesson to life for upper elementary kids. Susan Case Bonner believes that, “boring and the Bible do not belong in the same sentence.” You can find these additional activities here

Weave Your Word in Me-Contents

Part I

  1.  Meet God the Father
  2. Where God Lives
  3. Our Listening God
  4. Talking with God
  5. The Name of God
  6. The Greatness of God
  7. Two Types of Pray-ers
  8. An Encounter with God
  9. True Humility
  10. God Love All People
  11. God Shows Kindness to All
  12. God Loves Children
  13. God Highly Values Us
  14. No One is Too Bad for God to Love
  15. Jesus’ Birth
  16. Jesus’ Childhood
  17. Jesus’ Baptism
  18. Jesus’ Temptation
  19. Jesus the Teacher
  20. Jesus the Healer
  21. Jesus the Leader
  22. Jesus’ Lessons in Faith
  23. Jesus the Miracle Worker
  24. Jesus’ Identity Revealed
  25. Jesus the Giver of Life
  26. Jesus the All-Knowing God
  27. Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest
  28. Jesus’ Trial
  29. Jesus’ Death
  30. Jesus’ Resurrection
  31. Jesus’ Ascension
  32. Jesus’ Return and Reign
  33. Rejecting or Receiving Jesus
  34. The Benefits of Receiving
  35. What Jesus is Preparing
  36. The Receiving Criminal

Part II is also available now. It has 44 lessons

This is such a lovely study! The sturdy, #70 pages (feels like a light card stock) are beautifully put together.

The activities are varied enough that each lesson is new and engaging. Throughout the entire study the kids are taught who God is and how they can talk to him. This study teaches around the nine verses of My Whole Self Before You prayer. This prayer is modeled after the Lord’s Prayer. Each lesson works through a different aspect of the prayer. 

This has been a lovely study to individually with Eli but I think it would also be a great study to do with a youth group or Sunday school class. 

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