Time for Pumpkins

November 1, the day after Halloween. The day that candy goes on sale but it’s also the day pumpkins go on sale. So today I took advantage of those pumpkin discounts.



My partner in crime, Rebekah

The only pumpkins that our local Wal-Mart had left were the great big ones so I just got four. It will be interesting to see how many jars of chunked pumpkin I will get. Can you smell the pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread yet? YUMMY!



P.S. I did exhibit self-control and avoided the discount candy aisle, but it sure was tempting. 😉

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2 Responses to Time for Pumpkins

  1. Lady Locust says:

    I love it! That’s a better sale than they were here. Your accomplice looks pretty criminal, let me tell ya 🙂

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