New goat shed and weaning kids

We were wanting to get our goat kids weaned but there really isn’t a great way to divide our shed and pen that they were sharing with the their mothers and the other dry nannies. So my husband decided to make a new little lean-to for them. He had already brought home some 3’x3’x4′ posts from work. (The 3×3’s were used to ship parts of a new grain bin that was being built at the feedlot and since they were just going to be thrown out he brought them home.) We also had some used metal given to us. All this makes for a very cheap little building! I am thankful for his resourcefulness!

The little goats are doing well with their new living quarters. Aren’t they just so cute?! The little black one is the only nanny. So we will be selling the other three later this fall.



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  1. Great little shed! And your goaties are adorable.

  2. Nice shed! It is crazy how cute goats are, especially when they are kids!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Just gorgeous lil kiddies! I have just fallen in love with our two goats
    I really like your new house, we are planning our first goat breeding this autumn so looking for good ideas that my DH can build!!
    Have a lovely day 🙂

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