Having FUN While Working

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Our daily lives are filled with many obligations and expectations.  So many so, that it could be easy to forget to enjoy life.  Scott and I are making a conscious effort to work hard, but make both the work and the play times fun for our whole family.

For example,  last week we baled and hauled in square bales of hay on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 4)  Here are some pictures that various members of the family took while we were working.

Rebekah enjoyed her “free” ride to the truck.


Eli resting until we got to his bales

The race was on!  The four big kids raised all the way to the barn on one of the loads.

“Driving” the gator while we are unloading hay at the barn.

On July 4, while Scott baled hay, I picked it up.  Brock, Adisyn and Eli had a wonderful time “exploring.”  Rebekah stayed with Quinton and I in the truck and was in charge of picture taking and playing preschool apps on my phone.

Some pictures were a little better than others. 🙂  We finished the night of the 4th off with supper in town.  We were unable to watch fireworks as they had been banned due to the hot, dry weather.  As much as we would have liked to have seen them, I would rather not have any wildfires.

We have been waiting on Shadow to have her kids for what seems like forever.

Still waiting

On July 7 the wait for Shadow to have her kids was FINALLY over. She had one boy, Po (the black and white one) and Dottie (black with moon spots.)

Po, Shadow and Dottie

Po and Dottie running and playing.

The wait was TOTALLY worth it.  Aren’t they cute?!

How do you try to keep the fun in work?

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