Good Cows…Bad Cows

Earlier this week some of the cows must have decided that the grass was “greener on the other side” as they went venturing into the wrong pasture.  The kids and I jumped at the opportunity to take the gator and help get them back in.

After the cows were back in their pasture, we used the gator to take their mineral to the mineral feeders.

When Brock spotted a horned lizard we, of course, had to stop and pick it up.

I love that the we are able to enjoy God’s beautiful creation while working together as a family.

In this particular pasture there is an old farmstead.  I captured this photo while we were driving back out.  I think it would be so neat to know the history behind all the little farmsteads that dot the pastures.

The clouds sure were pretty I just wish we would have gotten a little rain from them.



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  1. I remember our cows (we only had a handful) would make a break for freedom as often as they could find a weakness in the fence! Your shot of the horny toad (is that what it was?) is sweet and the last of the pioneer homestead, is that bricks of sod? Love your series of shots… Thank you, Jennifer for sharing in Weekly Top Shot #42!

  2. Pat Wood says:

    You do a great job. Love reading your pieces and seeing the pictures

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