Freezer Stocking Day

It seems like the people around my house expect to eat three times a day, everyday. There are days that I have plenty of time to cook, but there are other days which are so busy I don’t really have much time to put something together. I still want to feed them something good, and preferably from scratch. That’s where stocking the freezer comes in. I can quickly grab out something that I put together ahead of time and fix them a nutritious, delicious meal.

You might be wondering when I have time to spend stocking the freezer. Rarely, do I set aside time to stock the freezer. I just don’t. So when do I stock it? Most often it is while I am fixing a meal. Instead of laying out enough meat for one meal, I lay out enough for several meals.

Earlier this week, while I was fixing supper, I was able to get six more meals put together and stocked in the freezer. Then I went ahead and got the meat out of the freezer and started defrosting it so that I could put together four more meals the next evening while fixing supper.

Certainly, if you have a few hours to set aside to stock the freezer you could put together 20 or more meals.

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It’s been over a year since I started using the Freezer Meal Plan Membership from MyFreezEasy and I still love it! I can stock up the freezer with a variety of delicious meals that I can use throughout the month. I typically pick and choose recipes based on the types of meat that I have available in the freezer. I can also pick recipes based on the cooking method and dietary preferences.

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MyFreezEasy is so easy to use. When I select the recipes I want to use, I also select the number of servings I will need. This automatically updates the shopping list so that I can buy the groceries I need. The grocery lists come in two versions also: 1) Complete Shopping List by Recipe and 2) Complete Shopping List by Store Section/Category. There are even Instructional Videos to help you get started stocking your freezer. MyFreezEasy really does make freezer stocking easy.




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  1. Danielle says:

    Lol! What is it with those people and wanting to get fed three times a day anyway?!?! We have the same problem here… I’m always thinking, “yeah, but didn’t I JUST feed you?”

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