First Time for Wet Flour

For quite some time, I have been wanting to start soaking my grains.  On Monday evening, for the first time ever, I soaked the flour that I would use for our pancakes on Tuesday morning.  When I fixed the pancakes Tuesday morning, I was really wondering why I had waited so long! They were so delicious!

I love to bake bread but I have been a little nervous to “mess” with my favorite bread recipe.  It has always turned out great for me so I have been a little hesitant to try soaking the flour and changing it up.  Wednesday morning I finally got the nerve up to try making bread with soaked flour.

Flour soaking

Mixing it up

After rising first time

Fresh from the oven

This morning I finished making the bread.  It turned out okay but I think I used too much buttermilk in it.  My husband’s comment after eating a big hunk of bread at lunch, “it’s not the best bread you’ve ever made.”  It wasn’t bad enough to stop anyone from eating it, but like he said it wasn’t the best either.  Once I get it “perfected”  I will post the recipe. 🙂



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