Fancy Dinners and Wonderful Service

A fun tradition we have started with our children is for them to “cater” to us each year on our anniversary and also on Valentine’s Day.  This has been a great thing for many different reasons.  Obviously it saves us money from not having to go out to eat and hire a babysitter for 5 kiddos.  It gives the kids the opportunity to practice their cooking  and waiter/waitress skills (at their level).  This romantic evening also gives the kids a chance to see that their mom and dad are still very much in love.

As much as the boys are starting to think that it is gross when we hold hands or give each other a quick kiss, we know that this gives them a healthy understanding of God’s plan for marriage.

This past weekend we celebrated our 11th anniversary.  It was fun to spend time planning the menu and cooking with the kids.  We even had homemade candles lit on the table.  I generally cook everything from scratch on a regular basis so to the kids it is a “treat” to have food that I don’t usually feed them such as hot dogs.

So while Scott and I enjoyed our New York Strip steaks the kids were in the other room enjoying their hot dogs. 🙂  I guess it is all about perspective.  I have hopes that in the future they will be able to fix the whole meal without so much of my help.  Of course, by then I will have big kids who are old enough to babysit when we go out to eat.

Do you have date nights set aside?  Do you go out for them or do you have set aside time at  home?



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