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Dynamic Literacy is a vocabulary development program based on teaching morphology.  Instead of memorizing long lists of vocabulary words, students learn root words, prefixes and suffixes.  One of the programs that Dynamic Literacy offers is WordBuildOnline.  For this review, we received access to WordBuildOnline Foundations Level 1 for up to two students.

WordBuildOnline Review

WordBuildOnline Foundations Level 1 consists of 25 units designed to take one school year for students in  grades 2-4 to complete.  Each daily lesson is designed to take less than 15 minutes.  In fact, there is a timer that won’t let the student work longer than 15 minutes.  If you have an older student who is wanting to catch up or a highly motivated student that wants to move ahead you can actually have them do two lessons in one day, but Dynamic Literacy recommends that the lessons not be back to back.


How Does WordBuildOnline Work?

Once the parent has registered the student(s), each student will have their own login.  As the student progresses through the program, WordBuildOnline adjusts the level of difficulty based on how the student does on the lessons.

Each day the student completes a different activity designed to build vocabulary skills.  The activities are fun games that take less than 15 minutes to complete.  The parent then receives an email detailing the student’s progress.  Also the parent can login to the parent dashboard to see exactly how the student has done on each lesson.

One of the activities is called the Magic Square in which the student matches the definitions with the correct vocabulary word.

JazzEdge  Review


Comprehension Booster; the student fills in a sentence with the correct word.

JazzEdge  Review
How did we use WordBuildOnline and what did we think?

I have had Adisyn using WordBuildOnline. She has enjoyed working through the lessons.  We have both liked that the lessons are less than 15 minutes long, which fits well into our shorter school days during the summer.  I have enjoyed watching her vocabulary skills expanding as she has worked through WordBuildOnline.

I think WordBuildOnline is an excellent program to encourage vocabulary development.  I like that it is based on morphology instead of memorizing vocabulary lists.  It is also easy to incorporate into our day since all the lessons are online and there is no teacher prep.   When she finishes Foundations Level 1, Adisyn can advance on to Foundations Level 2, Elements Level 1 and Elements Level 2.

I would recommend WordBuildOnline not only to those who homeschool but also to those who do not.  For homeschooling families, it is a good vocabulary program that doesn’t add more work for the parent.  I also think it would be a great way to help avoid the summer slump for kids that are out of school.

Now is also a great time to purchase Dynamic Literacy books or WordBuildOnline, as Dynamic Literacy is generously offering Faithful Homestead readers 25% off their books or 10% off WordBuildOnline by using the discount code faithful.

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