Beginning to Learn Sign Language

My husband and I had decided it would be good for our family to learn sign language.  So a week ago ,I asked a friend from church (who has a deaf son) if she would be willing to teach us sign language.  She excitedly said yes!  To top it off her youngest son, who she home schools, also takes some classes in the afternoons at the public school.  She said that she would be happy to come out to our house on Mondays while he is at school.  This works wonderful for me because we don’t even have to leave the house!

Today was our first day and it was so fun!  Since it is unseasonable warm today, we spent 45 minutes walking through the yard and learning the signs for the things we were seeing and doing.

I know that God has brought this gifted woman into our lives for a specific reason and it will be fun to see what the reason is.  I am certain that at sometime He will give us the opportunity to use this learning to be a blessing to others.

If you are interested in learning American Sign Language you can check it out for free here.  It was interesting to me to find out that ASL is the third most popular language in America (behind English and Spanish.)

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  1. Hi… visiting from the barn hop… Just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to learn ASL… As the hearing sister of two deaf siblings it pains me to see how ignorant some people still are in regards to the deaf community. It warms my heart to know you are helping to spread deaf awareness. HUGS 🙂

  2. Jennifer,
    ASL is something you’ll all enjoy and benefit from. As a child, I lived next door to a child my own age that was deaf. She taught me enough ASL to communicate with her. Our friendship was so meaningful to me. Learning ASL really helps improve a kid’s attention and listening skills and practicing ASL is so much fun.

  3. Jennifer,
    Kelsey and I were going to try to learn Spanish this year as her foreign language. I recently started taking care of a special needs child that we think is autistic. I bought a book on ASL and thought I would try to teach him some at least so we would know what he was saying. Well he caught on really quick so Kelsey started teaching him some and in the process we have learned so much ourselves. We also have a boy that goes to CSBC and he is autistic and doesn’t talk clearly enough to understand so he is learning ASL in his therapy. It is awesome …in fact so awesome we are using that for Kelsey’s foreign language this year! Have fun with it. We had a day in our house that we didn’t let anyone speak we just used sign language. If we had a word we didn’t know how to say we had to look it up. I am also signing songs during worship so Isaiah will know how to do it.


  4. Thanks ladies for all the positive feedback! All throughout the day today the kids and I have been reminding each other of the signs we learned yesterday. I hope that one day soon we can have an ASL only day! 🙂 Jennifer

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