A Pasture Full of Sheep

As I mentioned in my last post, we have been reinvesting money that we received from selling the cows that did not get bred for spring calving but that are now bred for fall calving.  One of the things we have done is purchase sixty head of ewes and their lambs.

Sheep grazing

I am so excited to have sheep again! We had sheep in the early years of marriage however we sold them when we moved to Kansas the first time in 2007.

Our previous flock of sheep was raised sustainably on grass in a Management Intensive Grazing (MiG) system.  This is also how we will raise our ewes and lambs this time. We will retain those ewe lambs who do well on grass so that as we build our flock we are emphasizing sheep that will thrive in a sustainable, grass based system.

Did I mention that I am excited to have sheep again?! I really am!  We should be able to greatly improve our pastures with the addition of sheep as they are willing to eat move weeds and forbs than cattle are.  We will be grazing the ewes with cattle in an effort to better utilize the forage that we have available.

The other day when I was out with the sheep it was sprinkling just a little and this is the view I had.  I love the way God paints beautiful pictures!

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3 Responses to A Pasture Full of Sheep

  1. tauna says:

    What kind of sheep did you get?

    • Jennifer says:

      They are mostly Rambouillet. I am breeding them to Ile Da France cross rams that I got from Jim and Amy.

      • tauna says:

        I’m tired of feeding my lambs to coyotes – guard dogs are doing the trick – gotta make a decision this week. I plan to use Ile de France rams, too, from Jim and Amy IF I keep any sheep at all. gotta do some thinking!

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