5 Days of Tips: Taking Time for Relationships

One very important aspect, whether or not you are a homeschool parent, is taking time to nurture the relationships in your life.  For me this includes my relationship with the Lord, my husband and my children.

My relationship with the Lord is very important to me; however, there are times that I don’t take the time to nurture this relationship as I should.  It seems that there are so many different directions that I being pulled and it is easy to neglect some of my most important relationships.  When life feels like it is starting to spin out of control, I can often attribute that to not spending the time in God’s Word that I need to.

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents

It is also important to me to make sure that I make time for my husband, Scott.  It is important that we don’t get so busy with life that we neglect to spend quality time together.  For us, this time can be as simple as walking through the farm together discussing our thoughts and ideas of projects we would like to accomplish.  On a rare occasion, we might even get to have a date night.  Often though it is just time spent together of an evening, after the kids are in bed that we treasure the most.  It is a time when we can discuss not only that day’s events but anything else that is important to us.

It might seem that by spending everyday with the kids that would be sufficient to nurture my relationship with them.  However, I have found that it is important to spend time with the kids individually outside of school.  They all have different interests and it is important to me to make each of them feel special.  For some, this is working on a project together while for others it is snuggling on the couch.

Now this is not to say that I have all these relationships figured out or that I always balance my time in such a way to nurture all the relationships.  This is constantly a learning process for me.  It is easy to focus too much in one area while neglecting a different relationship.

I encourage you to take time to nurture those important relationships in your life.  Seek God in prayer that he would show you any areas that you have out of balance.

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