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DIY Replacing a Hydrant

One of the things we have inherited with this farm is an aging infrastructure. The owner previous to us had discontinued using the pump system that pumped water out of one of the ponds. Instead, he switched all of the … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Farm While We Build Fence

I have been fairly quiet on here mostly because life has been so hectic at home. Earlier in the year, a friend of ours encouraged us to apply for an EQIP contract to help us implement some of the conservation … Continue reading

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Our Farm: Monarch Butterfly on New England Aster

While we were building fence this week, I was able to get pictures of this Monarch butterfly enjoying the nectar of some New England asters. Nearby, we also saw some milkweeds going to seed. Hopefully next year we will see … Continue reading

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Baling Straw and New Grass Seeding

Earlier this year, I frost seeded red clover  on a 40 acre field that my mom owns. Toward the end of June, the renter combined the wheat that he had planted as a companion crop with this new seeding. Shortly after … Continue reading

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Getting Started With Golden Oyster Mushrooms

This past week, I noticed that our very first Golden Oyster Mushroom has started fruiting! Then when I came to update my post about Golden Oyster mushrooms, I realized I never wrote an original post. Whoops! Anyway, when we started … Continue reading

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